Now it is time to remove the flour resist and paint!

Step One: The Final Step!!

Unclamp your now very dried fabric from the table.  Fill a large bucket with warm water and slowly submerge your fabric.   DO NOT  do this step a sink as the flour WILL clog your drain and pipes. You’ve been warned!  

Let the fabric soak for a bit – I soaked mine for about 10 – 15 minutes.  After that time the flour paste should soften allowing you to peal the paste off.  Once all of the flour paste is removed, you can wash and dry your fabric using a mild detergent and cool water. 

*steam or Iron to remove any unwanted wrinkles



Now that you are done, enjoy your new fabric! I used mine in a past art show, but you can do what ever you like with yours.  Sew it not pillows, napkins, throws, scarves, whatever.  Have fun with it!


Thanks for checking out this Flour Paste Resist Tutorial! I hope you had fun making it!

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