I’m currently researching “Mending” and the various forms of the process.  Coming from a flawed and unconventional up-brining, I find myself drawn to the beauty of repair and searching for the stories before, during and after deconstruction.

Mending takes many forms: Physical.  Emotional. Involuntary and voluntary.   And I am learning that, in the act of reconstruction we unearth those stories and their beauty.   I wanted to share a few images, from my Pinterest, that I simply cannot take my eyes off.   I find these examples of repair to be haunting, and gorgeous, sweet, practical.  Even, funny and quite clever.


This piece is a beautiful example of how mending can change perception.

Artist: (unable to find resources)



Here, mending is used to connect, bringing together. In this piece the artist has constructed (re-imagined) a family portrait of mother, daughter and son.

Artist: Annegret Soltau




Repair can be the act of highlighting damage.  Cleverly bringing attention and admiration to something that would ordinarily be overlook or expected to exist.

Artist: Jan Vormann,


Or adding value to something that is seemingly without.

Artist: Catherine Bertola



And sometimes repair is a reminder of our own impermanence.

Artist:  Anya Kristin Beeler


Mend v

[object]:  to make (something broken, worn, torn, or otherwise damaged)whole, sound, or usable by repairing.  to remove or correct defects or errors in.  to set right; make better; improve.

[without object]: to progress toward recovery, as a sick person.  (of broken bones) to grow back together; knit.  to improve, as conditions or affairs

Mend n

the act of mending; repair or improvement.  a mended place.

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