Books I’m Currently Reading: Alexander Calder

Its been a while since I've last written a blog post.  But it's all for good reason; I've been prepping for summer travels and getting new inspiration for some ideas that have been floating around in my head these past months.  As a metalsmith and artist I tend to float from jewelry to objects, and this month my mind has been totally on occupied with objects.

I never had the chance to dive into sculpture during my college years, nor did I truly have the interest.  However, as my practice  has grown, I've notice my focus has widen, and sculpture has become part of that focus.  My eyes have been attracted to movable sculptures lately and with my appreciation for simplicity and thoughtful design, I'm sort-of not surprised that I've been playing with the idea of making mobiles.

With most ideas and inspiration...I tend to get a little scared to dive in, because I know most things have been done before.  But eventually I do give myself freedom to explore my thoughts no matter what others are doing.  So I (per usual) checked out some great books on Alexander Calder.  I haven't finished them yet so I won't dare attempt to "write about him" and my thoughts on his work until I do.  But here are the books I'm currently reading on Alexander's work and life:

#1 Alexander Calder; Performing Sculpture

#2 Calder and Abstraction from Avant-Garde to Iconic

#3 Alexander Calder and Contemporary Art; Form, Balance, Joy

Jewelry Books I’m Currently Reading

I thought it be a great Idea to share, with you, some of the jewelry books I’m currently reading!  As an artist, I am always looking for inspiration and a deeper depth in my craft. I continue to grow my skills and knowledge, in jewelry making and metalsmithin by attending workshops, getting advice from my jewelry community and through trial and error! I’ve also gained quite a bit from jewelry books. I have every jewelry book from my college years (along with my tools – never giving those away)!  The great thing about books on jewelry making is, you can alway reference back to them.  You can write notes in them, dog-ear them, flag them with post-it’s – what every you choose (granted you own them)!

Here a shot of the jewelry books that I am currently reading:

Jewelry books for jewelry making

List of Jewelry Books

  1. Stoned by Aja Rad
  2. 21st Century Jewelry
  3. 500 Earrings
  4. The Complete Jewelry Making Course
  5. The Jewelry of South East Asia
  6. The Art of Jewelry Making
  7. Art Jewelry Today

Most jewelers by DNA are book hoarders. Um..Hello….I am one of those jewelers! Lately, however, in attempts to simplify my home and studio; I’ve been renting books from my local library. This give me the instant gratification of “purchasing” a new jewelry book, even if its temporary!  And, if I discover that I cannot live without that book, I will then purchase it to add to my studio library!

Which of these jewelry books did I decide to add to my library? None yet! But I am thinking about the 500 Earrings book.  The 500 series is just a great collection to have in your jewelry studio!  I have 2 books from that series and I cannot tell you how often I reference back to them!

Thanks for reading + I hope this inspires you!