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I’m gearing up for the Irvine Studio Arts Festival June 3rd.  The one thing I love about doing shows is digging into my creative bank for my booth design.

Today, I received a text from one of my creative buddies, Nicole Frost of Frost Yarn.  She’s an amazing dyer, spinner, crocheter, knitter based in Orange County, who specializes in bright rainbow, psychedelic color ways that people can’t seem to get enough of.  She blows me away with her passion and excitement for her craft.  She, too, will be part of the Irvine Studio Arts Festival.

Anyway, Nicole text’d me to see if I’d like her make me a table runner for the festival, as it is mandatory that we have one.  She had just finished making one for herself, using an “ice dyeing” method and bright ass, Nicole Frost, colors (almost like tie-dye but less hippie more “spacey”).  Of course my fist reaction was…

“hmm, well, don’t do bright colors, but maybe the right palette will bring some attention to my booth …”

So I asked Nicole if she was able to do a lightning strike effect on the fabric using neutral colored dyes….like greys and browns, and blacks, that may work.  She responds “Yes, I can TOTALY do that!”.  Now I’m excited! My brain starts searching…

“oooooh, what about creating cracks on the fabric with dye?”

By then I pretty much have my booth design in my head.  I’m more excited.  This is great!  Let me do a quick search on Pinterest for some visuals…after scanning pictures for about 2 minutes, I find my inspiration:


This gorgeous technique is call Flour Paste Resist.  It is very similar to the batik process.  You basically create a paste using a mixture of flour and water, spread it onto fabric, allow it to dry and manipulate it as you like.  I have not tried this yet, as I literally discovered the process today!

Even though, Nicole offered to do the dyeing for me, I kind of want to try it out myself!  I have some ideas on using this pattern in some areas of my branding.  It correlates so well with my current work.

I have a feeling this is going to be something fun!

You can check out Scrap Bags Sew Patterns Blog if you wish to learn more about Flour Paste Resist.  I will be sure to post progress pictures once I get started on booth displays and this inspiring dyeing process.  Until then, I need to go make more jewelry!

thanks for reading,


*photo credit: Scraps Bags Sew Patterns

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