Here is a quick look at the process of a custom signet ring for Lauren

My friend Lauren wanted a personalized sterling silver signet ring baring her initials (LR).  Nothing too complicated. Simple and “to-the-point!  Like fabrication, when I’m working in wax, I prefer to carve “free hand”.  I am very detailed in my craftsmanship, so this method works best for me.



The ring at that point is pretty much carved.  Just some fine tuning. I’m using blue was for this signet ring. I find it responsive to freehand carving.  Green wax would do the job as well, it’s just a bit harder wax.  And mistakes to show up as easily.  Which means less clean up.

Once I’m done carving, and the ring has a perfect smooth surface, it was then ready to be cast.

After picking up the ring from caster, I took it back to my studio to remove the sprue stump and any imperfections left from the casting process.  The surfaces of the signet ring were sanded and polished to a semi high polish.  At this stage, you begin to see everything come together. Very exciting!  When polishing was done the ring was ready for Lauren’s initials.

I applied a black patina to Lauren’s signet ring to highlight her initials. And a few more rounds of polishing to give Lauren’s ring a nice mirror finish! 


The final results!


Lauren Roth Signet Ring by Bless The Theory



Interested in commissioning jewelry for yourself or for a gift? Contact me to order a custom signet ring!


Thanks for reading + I hope this inspires you!


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