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I had the pleasure of creating this custom set of stacking rings for a client this past month.   Last November I was vendor at Holiday Marketplace at Craft Contemporary and my client spotted a set of 3  stacking rings that I made (they've sold since) with 2 citrines and one sapphire.  She loved the set of rings but was not quite sure about the color of the stones; so instead snapped a photo with the thought of commissioning a set later.

Later came this February when I ran into my client at an advisory board meeting that we are both part of.   She told me that she's been thinking about that set of stacking rings since she took that photo at Craft Contemporary and knows she for sure that wants a set for herself but can't figure out what color stones should adorn the rings.

After chatting for a bit I was able to get a since of her style.  I could see that she was attracted to neutral tones, just like me, and I immediately thought  "what about black, grey and white diamonds?".     After a few email correspondences she loved the idea of using neutral toned diamond for her set of rings.  I as trilled.  I enjoy working with diamonds and I knew that this set of stacking rings were going to look just lovely!

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