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Fish Skeleton at Salton Sea

The Salton Sea – a saline lake that rest in the basin of the mountains of the Imperial and Coachella Valley.

When approaching the shores of the Salton Sea, your senses are immediately engaged.  Your nose is greeted by the noticeable stench of decay.  Your ears begin to notice the peculiar sound the sands makes under your feet as your curiosity leads you.  And your eyes take in the vastness off the waters and the contrasting mountains surrounding them.  Your brain; overwhelmed and intrigued by it all, continues to process what (on God’s earth) it just took in.


MoneyPenny Dog and Welcome Salton Sea sign



MoneyPenny Dog at the Salton Sea



Fish Bones Skeleton at Salton Sea



Fish Skeleton at Salton Sea



Abandon House at Salton Sea



Dog (MoneyPenny) on a vacant road Near Salton Sea



Little pieces of hollow fish skeleton, in the softest hues, make up its sands.  The Salton Sea – disheveled, with abandoned aspirations peppered throughout.  If you’re lucky…and don’t mind the smell…this corky town of curiosity will leave you temporarily moved; quiet, slightly confused and inspired.




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