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It’s been a while since I posted anything in this little corner of my site and today I had a just the nudge I needed to put my hands to the keyboard!  My Parallel Fold Stacking rings were featured on Darling Magazines blog post; “Products We Love Vol. 7”!  And here is what they had to say about them:

Why we love it:  Summer is synonymous with minimal, which is why we love these dainty rings that can be worn independently or as a trio. Made from 100% recycled Sterling Silver, each ring is adorned with a subtle 1/8 inch silver fold and sets have variations of vertical and horizontal folds. Even if you can’t feel cool this summer, you can certainly look it.” – Darling Magazine

I truly feel that most contemporary jewelry can be worn with just about any genera of fashion.  And I love when my minimal unisex pieces are paired with feminine dainty wears.  I may have a particular idea of how my work is worn but it does not mean you have to wear it that way.  So “thank you” to the gals over at Darling for giving my modern metal a place in their darling world!

You can pick up a set of my Parallel Stacker for yourself right here and read the full list of Darlings “Product We Love” here!

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