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Removing the flour resist and paint from your fabric!

Unclamp your thoroughly  dried fabric from the table.  Fill a large bucket with warm water and slowly submerge your fabric.   DO NOT do this step in a sink, the flour resist WILL clog your drain and pipes. You’ve been warned!  

Soak the fabric in warm water to remove all flour – 15 to 20 minutes should soften the resist enough to peal off.  Wash in a mild detergent with cool water.  Dry after all of the flour is removed.  

*Remove wrinkles using an iron or steamer. 

washing fabric after flour resist

fabric example after flour resist is removed



Your new fabric is done! Now get creative with it!

Fun was to use your decorative fabric
  • pillows cases
  • napkins
  • throws
  • scarves

I used my cracked fabric in a past art show.

cracked fabric using flour paste resist


Thanks for checking out this Flour Paste Resist Tutorial! I hope you had fun!

> > > Part Three : Cracking the Flour and Adding Paint

> > Part Two: Preparing and Applying the Flour Paste Resist

> Part One:  Fabric Preparation 



  • Bowen Dickson6 years ago


    Thank You [for taking time away from your art to share your knowledge/enthusiasm with us] …….. Great set of tutorials.
    Best warm regards to you and team for a well done piece of work.
    Bowen Dickson,
    Kingston, Washington
    [p.s. I hope you have a site that shows more of your silver-smithing ?]

  • JudithJuly3 years ago


    Thanks for this super clear tutorial. Your table runner looks elegant. I’m planning to use the crackled fabric with indigo color and combine it with cyanotype sun print blocks for a quilt.

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