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My dads were in town this past weekend for a family wedding, and before they jetted back home to Maui, they treated me to a day of inspiration at LACMA.  We check out a few exhibits, our favorite was the 3D: Double Vision exhibit.  If you love photography and geometry and all things 3D...I highly recommend checking it out.

I love 17th century dutch still-life for many reasons, the way light is caught (usually candle or daylight is all they had to work with), and the use of color and the little details within the larger details.

The tiny details are what pull me into a childlike mind; little ants on a tulip petal, a resting wasp on the lemon leaf, a butterfly on the rim of a wine goblet, glass like water droplets undisturbed on a table cloth, curious caterpillars bending and stretching on the rind of melon.  All of these little surprises I like to think were added just for me, and I enthusiastically pointed them out as I discover each and every one of them.

It was a nice surprise to see the work of Yee Sookyoung.  Her sculptures are inspiring and resonate with me.  I was introduced to her work a few years ago - what a treat to see a piece in person.


I regularly visit museums and galleries for inspiration.  Art History was one of my favorite courses in college and I always find it a treat to spend time around historic art.  LACMA is a solid museum.  Of course, my favorite museum in LA is the Getty, but LACMA never fails.   They have some of my favorite collections on permanent display and they are, usually always,  presenting pretty fabulous exhibits.

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