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This morning I met up with ceramic artist and friend Samantha Brown, to chat a bit over coffee and to pick up 2 espresso cups she had made for me.  When I got them home; I immediately took them out of their wrapping and held them for a bit.  The weight and feel of these cups, in my hand, had me thinking of future Sunday morning espressos.  I was so moved by that image; I decided to make some impromptu espresso spoons to compliment my new wears.

What I love about Samanthas work is the spontaneity and primitive feel.  When I started on the espresso spoons I knew that I wanted to utilize her signature line-work that she hand draws onto each piece.  And I wanted to speak to the tactile texture of the clay that she uses.  

I began with the spoon handles; I hammered them until I achieved a texture that resemble the unglazed areas of the espresso cups.  Then I gave the handles an organic like form by adding slight bends and curves to the metal.  This, to me, resembles the thin white lines on the glaze. 

For the bowl of the spoon I went with an oval shape - I usually go with round as I am drawn to circles, but oval seemed fitting.  I felt the bowl should have an almost floating feel to it; so I soldered the handle underneath the bowl and kept the form minimal and light.  Adding my voice on these spoons; I applied a light scratch texture on the bowl with a bright burnished edge. 

As many of you know, I enjoy making spoons and this was such lovely project to work on.  And I felt it proper to finish this good day with some espresso and cream, sipped slowly from my new cups.

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