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If you are on Instagram (you should be following me)  I am sure, like me, you’ve seen people on your feed  “posted up” next to a trippy white and black zig zag wall with #DesertX in the captions and wondered “what the heck its this #DesertX thing and how can I be part of it?”

With a few clicks hopefully you learned that DesertX is an outdoor exhibition of art instillations put up by 16 artist from around the world!  I was super excited to find that it was scattered about my former home; Palm Springs, California!  I usually never need an excuse to go the desert!…but this? This was a mandatory visit!

So, on a bright sunny Sunday morning, my fiancé and I piled in the’ol trusty Element to partake in the most amazing artist scavenger hunt in nearly 100 degree weather! 







DesertX was scheduled to end on April 30th.  But the recent news mentions: due to the popularity, a few instillations will remain open a bit longer.  By longer I’m thinking a few weeks, so if you are local or within a few hours driving distance from the desert –  you wanna get yourself down there to check it out!

We made a list before hand of all the instillations that interested us and planned about 4-6 hours to see a totally of 9.  But, because we know the desert we were able to knock it out in 3 hours!  So just plan ahead, make a day of it, or better yet make a weekend of it!  As I said before ” you don’t really need a reason to visit the desert  – but this is a darn good one!

My DesertX list:

  1. Claudia Comte
  2. Doug Atken
  3. Glenn Kaino
  4. Jeffery Gibson
  5. Jennifer Bolande
  6. Phillip K Smith III
  7. Sherin Guirguis
  8. Will Boone
  9. Travares Strachan 

You can check out all the details about the extension, the locations and artist that partook in this exhibition and which installations are still up for view by visiting the DesertX website here!

Happy Hunting and Thanks for reading!







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