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Have you met Jungwha Kim?

Life has this funny way of putting you in front of the people that you should know.  I met Jungwha Kim a few years ago, in 2014.  We were volunteering our time to re-paint the metals studio at Long Beach City College.  Jungwha is originally from Korea.  She moved to the states to study gemology at GIA, 8 years ago.  After completing her studies at GIA, she moved to long beach to study Metalsmithing and Jewelry.

Jungwha is one of my favorite people.  We share a strong love for metal arts, music, cultural rituals and food! Jungwha being Korean and my love for Korean food (a love that started in childhood) put the cherry on top of an already perfect connection.

Jungwha's work inspires me and begs to be touched.  Her curiosity leads to the most interesting combination of form, texture and use of color.  She's been experimenting in her studio so I grabbed a few shots before we sat down for lunch!


I love getting to peek inside the studios of my creative friends and hope to share more in the future!  Check out more about Jungwha Kim's work here.

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