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this morning i awoke at home after 5 days of travel up north visiting my fiancé’s folks.  there is a feeling of appreciation that i get in my own space when i return from travel.  there is also a feeling of somberness in the following morning  –  as i get back to my routine.  this time the appreciation part was more strong as i walked around my home enjoying its openness and warmth and familiarity.  soon after, though, i found myself on the couch, coffee in hand dog at my side; browsing instagram.  i scrolled pass an old neighbors post about the leap he took to move from the states abroad and how some people are “cut out for this life while others are not”.  it was no doubt a nice post – inspirational even (as my fiancé put it), i really enjoyed it.  but i couldn’t help but feel as though i was “missing out”.  like i should be traveling abroad taking photos of my discoveries and meeting amazing people and eating decadent foods – something i always see myself doing.  right then, at that beautiful moment, my feelings went from appreciation to envy.

but, and here is a big but, because i have been in such a good place lately, i chose to check my thoughts and remember that i AM doing ALL of those things.  i explore california and other state as frequently as i can – occasionally i get to travel abroad.  i have wonderful friends and colleagues that i adore and whom inspire me.  i get to cook delicious meals for my fiancé, friends, family because i enjoy it.  i have a pretty decent eye for iPhone photography (one day i’ll get a real camera) and i share my photos with joy on my personal instagram feed.  i do all of the things that i admire about ‘world travelers’ –  it just so happens that i do all of those things in my home country.  remembering that made me think of a profile quote of someone i follow on instgram:

“the mind is its own place, and in it’s self can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven”

perception is everything.  how you perceive things to be is true for only you.  do i still aspire to travel abroad more frequently – heck yes! but i should not feel like i am missing out because i am not footing through foreign lands at this very moment.  my belief is;

“if you can’t make the most of your life where you are currently, then you can’t do it anywhere else. period”

so with that wisdom i look back just a mere 5 days to my time roaming around the historic town of Auburn with my loving fiancé and his parents – a town so rich in american history and inspiration, it was impossible for me to put my phone away!


it is crucial that we learn to LIVE where we are –  to bloom where we are planted.  once that sentiment has been conquered and is part of our habits, then, are we able to enjoy our travels and journey through life that much more…sans the feeling of “missing out”.


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