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oak leaf spoons after solder ready for picketing
annealing copper sheet_making oak leaf spoons
cutting oak leaf stencil out of copper sheet for oak leaf spoon
oak leaf spoons after solder ready for picketing

When making the Oak Leaf Spoons, I like to make a few at a time.  I begin by annealing some copper sheet to punch out circles for the spoon bowl.  The bowls are then sanded and formed and put to the side until final soldering.

The handle of the spoon takes the most time.  A leaf is traces onto a sheet of thick copper, then sawing begins.  Hand sawing is a slow process, when you incorporate curves and other details, it becomes even slower, so I usually put on some instrumental music to enjoy while cutting.

Once the leaf is sawn, the edges are sanded to remove any saw marks, another slow process.  Getting into those tiny curves can be tricky - lots of small files are helpful for getting into those spaces.

The handle is soldered to the bowl once the edges are smooth.  After soldering the veins of the leaf are drawn on and hand sawn.   Because the veins are intuitively drawn on each spoon has its personal character.  After sawing texturing, final detailing and dark patina are applied.

The finish result, a beautiful little sculpture.

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