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I truly enjoy branding for my business.  I design all of the marketing material for Bless the Theory myself.  It's a satisfying outlet from me that allows my creativity expressed in a different form.  I've got some new ideas for Bless the Theory in 2018 and have spent have spent hours if not days on playing around with concepts.   Because I have the tendency to happily get lost in this area of my business; I give myself time blocks when working on new marketing material.  


There is a sense of accomplishment that I feel when packing up orders and sending them out into the world.  I try to imaging the joy that the acquirer will feel when the pieces is in there hands.  What they will were it with or how they will use it.  And this feeling brings much pleasure.  I believe that is part of what keeps motivated as a jeweler/metalsmith.  Yes, its exhilarating to dream up the work and make the work.  But nothing is more satisfying than letting go of the work…as to  give it a new life!

My packing process is much like my studio process; simple and thoughtful.  I make sure every piece that leaves my care is properly protected during shipping.  Jewelry is placed into soft black velvet jewelry bags; while utensils are wrapped in white tissue paper.  Both are jewelry and utensils are then wrapped a second time in bubble wrap and sealed with a Bless the Theory sticker.  I often insert a little note, to the new owner of my work, before sending the package on its way.

Simple and Sweet.  I'd like to think.

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