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Flawed Teardrop Earrings by Bless the Theory How its Made

There are a variety of processes that I use to make my jewelry and utensils.  I rarely sketch. My brain is my sketch book! Most my work begins as an idea that is always inspired by the world around me!  From the idea I go to the metal - I almost never experiment in copper or brass; I experiment in sterling.  I know, I know…cringe!! But, there is an amount of seriousness and pressure I get from playing in sterling that forces me to get as much of it right the first time! I works for me.

I make every piece by hand.  This is a slow process and but it allows me to be part of every step from start to finish.  I shape metal using hammers and stable surfaces. 

Every flaw that you see on my work is put in intentionally by me, using a jewelers saw and saw blades.  Because each flaw is hand sawn in, no two will be the same - like our own flaws, right?  Once a piece is assemble and I apply texture and color.  I'm attracted to contrast,  so with that most of my silver is patinated black.  The contemporary moodiness that a dark patina adds, helps set the tone and compliments my work.  


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