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How You Got Started

Wow, there is never a short answer for this question.  Like most goldsmith and metalsmiths, I started out beading! I was living Maui during my high school years and I was tired of waiting for a friend to make me a necklace so I just made it myself!  That was the beginning of my fondness of making something.

I continued beading while studying Fashion Merchandising at Long Beach City College.  I had needed to pick up some additional Art credits for my major; and had been feeling the need to deepen jewelry making skills.  So, I enrolled in a beginner metals/jewelry making course in 2003.

I can’t say I was “immediately hooked”. If I'm honest, I must say that I was immediately intimidated first! But, there was a spark of interest, for the world of Contemporary Metal Arts, and it was ignited after my first course.  I honestly believe that was more so because of my instructor; Artist Kristen Beeler, than the course itself.  She opened up a new world to me…a world that I may have never discovered on my own.

I continued to study Metal Arts / Jewelry Making for a about 4-5 (on an off) all while continuing my Fashion Merchandising studies and a full time job in retail.  Interesting enough, I did not pursue metalsmithing after college.  Instead I went on to have a successful 12 year career in the retail world as a Merchandise and Stylist.  It wasn’t until 2013, when I felt I had hit the “glass ceiling”,  that ended my retail career and dove head first into being a full-time Metalsmith.

Pictured Top to Botton:

Copper, brass and sterling hollow-form bracelet, Untiled, 2004

Copper and brass rings, "Ring in a Ring", 2004

Sterling and Brass Earrings, Untiled, 2005

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