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March Meet the Maker

I figured it'd be a good idea to share my March Meet the Maker answers on my blog; for other people whom aren't on Instagram! Here are the first 2 prompts of the popular instagram challenge. Enjoy!


Hi! My name is Charmaine Vegas, some people call me Char, no-one calls me “Vegas”…although I kinda wish they would.   I am the creative mind, hands and soul behind Bless the Theory.   I make contemporary jewelry that is currently inspired by flaws. I work primarily in sterling and gold.  I also make functional objects for the home in copper, brass, sterling and gold.


I am from a lot of places (California, Bahamas, Hawaii) but I currently reside in Long Beach, California with my fiancé Brandon, our dog MoneyPenny and our cat Nya Grey!  My dream however, is to call the Netherlands home - I’m working on that dream!

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