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It's March! March 6th to be exact and it is that time of year for March Meet the Maker!

What is that you ask?  March Meet the Maker is a challenge put on by Joanne Hawker that gives makers the chance to talk about ourselves (because thats our favorite thing to do...yea right) how we got into this career of making, what we make, where we make and how we make.  It is also a great chance for us makers, of whom are on Instagram, to learn about other makers!.. and hopefully, maybe even, widen our artist communities.

I first learned about March Meet the Maker this week...3 days ago!  And I first thought; "oh, how neat! This could be fun".   Then after finding more details about the challenge; I became a bit unsure.  Not only are you sharing  A LOT about yourself, you work and why you do what you do, you are also encouraged to post everyday for the month of March.  That is a substantial amount of posting...and quite a commitment.  And adding on top of that, I'd be 7 days behind...which means I'd have to play some catch-up.

Well, I decided to do it anyway!

If not now when? Better late than never! Do it while you can...blah blah blah.  Honestly I feel it will be fun and a great way to open up...which many artists aren't a fan of doing...especially on social media! So Challenge Accepted!

I will do my first post tomorrow morning and continue to post on my Instagram and maybe my Insta Stories as much as I can.  I will also do my very best to use some of that "sharing" over here on my studio blog.  That way I can add more information and photos, should it be beneficial to the topic.

Join in on the fun!

If you are interested in being part of the March Meet the Maker challenge, check out the website that Joanne Hawker has put together.  She made participating fun and pressure-free and there's even a cheat sheet of prompts to guide you along way!



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