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Cracks and mending have an impact on me metaphorically and artistically.  They speak to the human experience in a poetic way.  Cracks inspire me and remind me of our stories.  Cracks encourage me to seek the beauty in physical and emotional evolution.  And to see them as reminders of impermanence instead of dreaded flaws.

Mending reminds me of genteelness.   It can, at times, feel as painful as the cracks themselves, but there is a beauty within the process.  Repairing a fractured bone.  Condoling a broken heart.  The rebuilding of a life disrupted by unforeseen circumstances – some mending must be done with the same delicacy and compassion as with a cherished heirloom.

Mending requires that we take notice of the need for repair.  To recognize that need, we are beckoned, first, to acknowledge the cracks.



Top: Sterling silver Mended earrings with 14 karat gold mending stitch.  Bottom: Sterling silver small cracked dangles with 14 karat gold fill ear-wire.  *small dangles available soon.

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