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I love when talent gets together and makes magic!

I was contacted by Los Angeles based fashion and beauty photographer Michael Dirlam to be part of a photoshoot that he was putting together, and to no surprise...I said "Yes"!

This was a fantastic shoot with a talented team of professional artists!  I learned a few things about what a professional photoshoot looks like and how it flows.  For example: when you need to fix something on the model you say "stepping in"!  This lets the photographer know that someone will be walking in front of the lens.  I think I "stepped in" quite a bit...had to make sure the jewelry was just right!

Here are some behind the scenes shots of that day:

The Dream Team:

Model:  Nelo Offor

Makeup:  Marlu Soria 

Nail Artist (and my Bestfriend):  Sheila Monaus

Photographer: Micheal G. Dirlam 

Jewelry:  Bless the Theory

A few weeks after the shoot, Micheal sent out an email letting the team know that the all of the images were picked up by Feroce Magazine! How great is that?  You can see more finished photos here!

Thanks for reading!


P.S. *If any local (or non local) creatives want to get together and collaborate on a photoshoot please reach out  I'm always looking to meet other artists and make magic together!


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