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Capturing the Morning Light

It was a quiet morning in my dads house and I was one of the first to rise.  I purposely rose earlier than usual – this was my last day on Maui. I needed to take everything in one last time.  Quietly making my way around the house, I noticed how gorgeous the space looked in the morning light.  Closing my eyes, I tried to capture the sounds of island life and inhale that sweet air.

One of the many things I love about my fathers house are the various siting vignettes peppered throughout.  My favorite – a setting of 2 vintage club chairs reupholstered in worn’in leather and an antique ship door, fashioned into a table.  This is were I sat every morning to sip my coffee and enjoy the morning light.

On this morning, I nestled myself into one of the vintage club chairs.  The most beautiful defused light came through a near window, highlighting textures of the antique wooden table next to me. I sat there quietly, enjoying the moment.  Remembering, this would be my last Maui morning light for the year – I tiptoed to my bedroom to gather my camera and jewelry.




bless the theory earrings in morning light



bless the theory cracked pendant in morning light




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