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Today I wanted to write about supporting artist during quarantine.  There are many small business’ and artists taking a financial hit during this bazar time.  As an artist and being friends with many artists and makers, I have a direct understanding and experience of this impact.  Many of us are experiencing low to no orders, and some of us have had to temporally let employees go.

On the other side of that, I’ve seen some very enthusiastic people (both artist/makers and patrons) on social media talking about supporting small business and it just warmed my heart.  So much so that I thought it’d be a great idea (as an artist/business owner) to share a few ways that you can support us artist and makers during quarantine.

Commission a Piece of Art

What a better time to commission a piece of art that you’ve been wanting for some time.  Granted you are in the market for some new art and have the means to do so, some artists are still taking commissions as many of us are experiencing very slow traffic in orders and commissions during the COVID-19 quarantine.

If you are in the market to acquire something special for yourself or as a gift, don’t hesitate to reach out to see if we are up for taking your commission.  Chances are some artists will consider it a lovely distraction to being stuck indoors for weeks, and would more likely appreciate the much needed revenue.  Also how great would it be to have something made for you during one of the most strange times of 2020 – you’ll have a story to tell for years to come.

Purchase Ready-to-Ship Items from Their Online Shop

Most of us creatives have an online shop of art and goods that are “ready-to-ship”.  This means that the products are made and ready to leave our studios in a day or two, sometimes on the day of your purchase.  If you have birthdays, anniversaries or other special days coming-up, this is a great time to send gifts and celebrate those you love and miss all while supporting the person who made it.

We are taking extreme precautions during our shipping process, and some of us even have a section on our websites explaining how your purchase will be handled and shipped during this pandemic.  This offers you peace-of-mind while purchasing things that bring joy into your everyday life.

Scroll through our on-line shops! Chances are you will find something you’ve had your eye on or discover a new piece that speaks to you.  And don’t be afraid to reach out to your favorite artist about inventory not shown in their web-shops.  It is very common for an artist/maker to not have every piece of their art/goods listed on-line, myself included.  I guarantee you; most of us have 20%-40% of inventory in our studio that is ready to purchase; not listed on our online shops, and those are real gems as they are usually one-of-a-kind pieces! So reach out, you’ll be surprised!

Check-in on Them!

Simply check-in on your artist, we will appreciate being thought of by someone who isn’t family or a close friend.   Aside from that, some of us creatives are experiencing lack of creativity and inspiration, which is our motivation.   An email or direct message on Instagram or Facebook, checking-in or even inquiring about how we are staying creative during this time could be the lovely boost we need to get back in the studio or start brainstorming new ideas.  So again, reach out!

I know we are encouraged to stay put for our safety, but that should not prevent us from celebrating ourselves and others, we just need to be a little creative on how we do so!

Stay healthy.  Be safe!


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