March “Meet the Maker”: YOU + WHERE

March Meet the Maker

I figured it'd be a good idea to share my March Meet the Maker answers on my blog; for other people whom aren't on Instagram! Here are the first 2 prompts of the popular instagram challenge. Enjoy!


Hi! My name is Charmaine Vegas, some people call me Char, no-one calls me “Vegas”…although I kinda wish they would.   I am the creative mind, hands and soul behind Bless the Theory.   I make contemporary jewelry that is currently inspired by flaws. I work primarily in sterling and gold.  I also make functional objects for the home in copper, brass, sterling and gold.


I am from a lot of places (California, Bahamas, Hawaii) but I currently reside in Long Beach, California with my fiancé Brandon, our dog MoneyPenny and our cat Nya Grey!  My dream however, is to call the Netherlands home - I’m working on that dream!

Mending the Cracks

Cracks and mending have an impact on me metaphorically and artistically.  They speak to the human experience in a poetic way.  Cracks inspire me and remind me of our stories.  Cracks encourage me to seek the beauty in physical and emotional evolution.  And to see them as reminders of impermanence instead of dreaded flaws.

Mending reminds me of genteelness.   It can, at times, feel as painful as the cracks themselves, but there is a beauty within the process.  Repairing a fractured bone.  Condoling a broken heart.  The rebuilding of a life disrupted by unforeseen circumstances – some mending must be done with the same delicacy and compassion as with a cherished heirloom.

Mending requires that we take notice of the need for repair.  To recognize that need, we are beckoned, first, to acknowledge the cracks.



Top: Sterling silver Mended earrings with 14 karat gold mending stitch.  Bottom: Sterling silver small cracked dangles with 14 karat gold fill ear-wire.  *small dangles available soon.

New Work (In Progress) | Crack the Sky a Lightning Series

I’ve been really inspired lately.  After months spent questioning what was next and spending an almost unhealthy amount of time in my head; one morning I went into the garage and refreshed my corner studio.  It took me some time to remember that I would need to create an environment that aided to my creative experiments – if not encourage them.  Once I completed my studio refresh, I immediately felt good – I sat down, smiled and felt safe –  I made a little cocoon of exploration for myself.

Later, I began rummaging through old experiments and came across a brass domed object that I had made a few months back. On it, I cut out a crack with very fine tail lines.  I loved this piece; one of my favorite “riffs” that I had yet to figured out its’ place.  But it inspired me nonetheless.  After staring at if or a while, my thought went back to a couple of photos I had taken of lightning strikes on concrete.  I began visualizing those strikes translated onto metal.  Allowing my mind and hands to playing; slowly, my thoughts began to take form.  I felt tingles inside my body (when I feel tingles they are usual a sign that I am on the right track), I was getting excited!

Lightning Series Crack the Sky Signet Ring from Bless the Theory

Lightning Series Crack the Sky Signet Ring from Bless the Theory

Lightning Series Crack the Sky Signet Ring from Bless the Theory

Lightning Series Necklace from Bless the Theory


The excitement of curiosity is fueling me  – and I feel must continue to explore and act on this idea before it fleets.  I am still building this series, but if you have any inquires please contact me directly!

Thanks so much for reading,


On the Bench | Personalized Shield Ring

My time at my bench, lately, has mostly been spent on custom projects, and I'm enjoying every minute.  I don't always get to document all my custom orders (I'll work on that) but I really wanted to share this particular commission.  It is a commissioned ring for a very patient New Yorker named Karla.  She wanted a replica of a ring she'd found on Pintrest.  I try not to do exact replicas of jewelry out of respect for other artists.  But, Karla wanted the ring to be as similar to her inspiration photo as possible.  So I did my best to change up the details a bit while keeping with her chosen aesthetic.

This was for sure a fun and channeling project.  Not only did it push me out of my choice of aesthetic; it also force me to learn a few new tricks!  I was so pleased with the outcome of this ring I forgot clean and re-polish it before snapping a quick picture!  I'll update the photo after I touch up the ring a bit! For now lets just enjoy this beauty!

To begin a commission piece of jewelry of your own, click here



Daydreams of a future space

I’m a lover of spaces! Whether it is home or creative work spaces; dwellings are my thing!  So much so, sometimes, I believe I should have explored a career in interior design.

As you know, I moved out of my creative work space this past August and am currently setting up shop in my humble garage. (you can read more about that here).  And though a jewelry studio away from home may not be in the works for a while; I cannot help but dream a little, about what that space will look like and what it may offer me!

If the stars align in my favor, my future space will be open, bright and calming.  I imagine concrete floors and clean white walls. Maybe a wall or two of exposed brick that is painted white. Tall ceilings and large metal framed windows that face north.  There is a sink this time! Yes, and plenty of outlets.

Every now and then I allow myself to sit and daydream about the start of my day in that future space:

I imagine walking into the studio on a rainy day, with my [future] Grate Dane “Otis”.  Making myself some coffee (black) and turning on some music while Otis finds his way to his bed atop the cowhide rug that lays below the windows.  After I finally settle with The Knife station on Pandora, I begin my ritual of “awakening the studio”.  Turning on the pickle pots.  Then the torches at the soldering station. Uncovering tools and equipment. And warming up the laptop to later check open orders and answer emails.  I imagine I would light a few candles before I began to sweep the floors.  And as I turn to see Otis curled up in attempts to stay warm, the sound of the rain urges me to play around with some new ideas…

I do wish to share this future studio with 1 or 2 other jewelers or other creatives.  If it is to be a shared space, It will be one of openness, encouragement and kindness. I would love to host many creative workshops and gatherings.  The idea is to build a community and network of true, authentic friendships! Ah, I cannot wait for this to come to fruition!

*all photos via pinterest

Home Studio (in process)

In my last post I talked about my decision to move my studio out of  the old brick + mortar space that I rented and into my home garage. You can read more about that here

After getting some encouraging and reassuring responses from that post from friends and family, I figured it’d be a good idea to document the process.  And I’m excited to do this for a few reasons:

one:  I love to document and share what I’m doing; any excuse to take photos and write about an experience, I’ll do it!

two: Documenting my studio transformation will hold me accountable and remind me how far I’ve come; which I tend to forget sometimes and that can lead to me being hard on myself.

three:  Hopefully, doing this will encourage my boyfriend to go through his boxes and boxes and boxes of childhood things. ( I don’t do well with excess)

I actually started the demolition process of my jewelry studio a few weeks ago! I began by ripping out all the “janky” and “make-shift” shelving that the previous owner installed, vacuuming up all the termite poop! Eh…It was so much! Then started painting a small section of the back wall.

Today, my goal was to move some boxes out of the garage  (to give me space) and do a second coat of white paint on the small section that I started a few weeks ago.  With the boxes moved out I actually felt no anxiety (which I typically felt when I walked into our garage in the past), so that was wonderful!

With a boost of anxiety-free energy and a full cup of coffee, I went on ahead and painted more than just that “little section”.   I didn’t tape anything off.  Didn’t even cover the floor. I just started slapping white paint on the wall!  For someone whom appreciates details I have NO patience for painting. I’m unsure why.  By the way; the past owners left a giant bucket of white paint in the garage; so you bet that is what I’m using for this project!

Talk about saving money!


home studio remodel bless the theory 2

1 // before photo of the back wall and the small section that I started a few weeks ago

2 // a close up of the first couple of coats

3 // washing what seemed like 40 years of grime and dirt off the work bench

4 // a full shot of the first couple of coats.

Goal Complete!!

Even at this point I’m trilled with the results. This is going to make for some great Instagram photos! I still have much more to organize, clean and paint but at the moment, I’m feeling pretty good about the way the studio is moving along. I can already picture my bench pin right in front of that vintage stool!

The best way for me to stay focused (without feeling too overwhelmed) is to keep the big picture in mind and celebrating my little triumphs! Even if that’s just slapping around paint!

’till next time, thanks for reading





GIVE-AWAY | Parallel Fold Studs

Hey! So I teamed up with Dutch fashion blogger Esmee Rudolf of Lux Blogto give you and your BFF a chance to win a pair of my bestselling Parallel Fold Studs! Yaaaay!

We’re giving away a pair in sterling silver pair and a bronze pair! When I tell you “these are part of my everyday essentials”, I mean it!  They go with everything! Whether your style is minimal, boho-chic, casual or dressy! You are going to love them!

The contest rules are simple! All you have to do is follow and @blessthetheory on Instagram and tag a friend! Couldn’t be more simple!

The winners will be announce on June 15th (via Lux Blog)

Good Luck y’all!

simply – char


Featured On :: The Carrot Box Blog


I just had an exciting and unexpectedly discovered of my Parallel Fold Stackers featured on the Carrot Box Blog!

The Carrot Box is created and curated by (Alice).  If you haven’t been over to her blog I encourage you to go check it out! She is a fantastic curator of art and contemporary jewelry!

“Bring a cup of coffee cause you’re gonna be there for a while! “

Most of her post are rings, as that is what the starting idea for her blog.  You’ll notice that she makes a point to post jewelry made from materials other than metal.  I found this interesting so I did a little research!  Turns out; Alice is highly sensitive to (all) metals.  But she does post the occasional metal ring here and there, which is great for people like me!  So yeah, you bet I’m feeling pretty special to have my Parallel Fold Stacking rings on her blog!

You can check out the post here! and pick up some rings here!

Thanks so much for reading!