New Work (In Progress) | Crack the Sky a Lightning Series

I’ve been really inspired lately.  After months spent questioning what was next and spending an almost unhealthy amount of time in my head; one morning I went into the garage and refreshed my corner studio.  It took me some time to remember that I would need to create an environment that aided to my creative experiments – if not encourage them.  Once I completed my studio refresh, I immediately felt good – I sat down, smiled and felt safe –  I made a little cocoon of exploration for myself.

Later, I began rummaging through old experiments and came across a brass domed object that I had made a few months back. On it, I cut out a crack with very fine tail lines.  I loved this piece; one of my favorite “riffs” that I had yet to figured out its’ place.  But it inspired me nonetheless.  After staring at if or a while, my thought went back to a couple of photos I had taken of lightning strikes on concrete.  I began visualizing those strikes translated onto metal.  Allowing my mind and hands to playing; slowly, my thoughts began to take form.  I felt tingles inside my body (when I feel tingles they are usual a sign that I am on the right track), I was getting excited!

Lightning Series Crack the Sky Signet Ring from Bless the Theory

Lightning Series Crack the Sky Signet Ring from Bless the Theory

Lightning Series Crack the Sky Signet Ring from Bless the Theory

Lightning Series Necklace from Bless the Theory


The excitement of curiosity is fueling me  – and I feel must continue to explore and act on this idea before it fleets.  I am still building this series, but if you have any inquires please contact me directly!

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If you ask most artists or makers what their ideal creative space would look like, they’d  probably say something like:

“… it would have lots of natural light, polished cement floors, large windows that over look the city, exposed brick walls and lots of room to spread out; right next to cool bars and restaurants”!

Well, I was fortunate enough to have such a space!

bless the theory studio lounge area

I shared it with two other studio mates for about a year.  Over time, various opportunities and priorities lead my mates to journey out of the studio.  And not long after, I found myself hit with a pleasant opportunity; my boyfriend and I finally found a beautiful 1920’s Spanish style house to call our own!

There was one dilemma; our beautiful old new home is literally on the opposite end of town!

At the time, I wasn’t quite ready to give up my space, so I commuted 18 minutes everyday to work in the studio.  But after a few months, it actually became daunting.  Now I know you’re thinking “its only 18 minutes”.   But, when I got the itch to get up and make, that 18 minute drive diminished that feeling.  Not to forget the time it takes to shower and dress good enough to be seen, pack lunch (which I usual forget to do) and pay for parking.  It didn’t take too long for my downtown dream jewelry studio to loose its luster.  So, on August 30th 2015, I moved Bless The Theory out of the cool brick and mortar building and relocated all my tools and contemporary wears across town to my garage.

Now, lets not cry over the departed studio, instead lets take a minute to look back on its glory!…

bless the theory studio under construction

The photo above was shot weeks before I even signed the lease! I remember begging the owners to leave it “as is” so that I could finish the rest. I was SO egger to have a industrial space, I didn’t want them to touch a thing! It did not take me long to get settled in. I love decorating, so I did quite a bit of re-arranging, especially after my former studio mates left and I had the space all to myself.

bless the theory studio work area


bless the theory studio work tools

It was unbelievable the amount of light that came into the studio! That lead to somewhat perfect product shooting days. (I say somewhat because, when do we ever have a “perfect” shooting day?)  The light just seemed to last forever…or at least until he sun dropped.  My electricity bill was always under $12!  There was also so much great texture.  I would find myself gazing at the walls on any given day!  Those cement and expose brick walls made their way to my Instgram often! (See for yourself here)

And the views! Oh the views! On a clear day I could see ALL the way to DTLA.  I could see Signal Hill and San Pedro! And most of all I could see beautiful Downtown Long Beach! The best view of DTLB was on a rainy day…

bless the theory jewelry stuido view down town long beach

I’ll be honest; It was hard to say goodbye to such a fantastic jewelry studio.  My second jewelry studio, in fact!  I must say that I made some decent progress with Bless The Theory in that space! And I finally had a chance to host a fun Holiday Party/Sale with my former studio mates (that turned out way better that we could’ve wished for)! Which was something I’d been wanting to do for a while!

Yes, it was a great atelier… and I will miss it dearly!  But, I know deep in my core that I will find another creative cave to call my own when the time is right.  I know exactly what I need and what type of environment I want to create in.  And I know that I want to be in it for a long while.  So for now, I shale make the best of my humble, one window, garage and allow it to teach me patience and resourcefulness.


I do not look at this as a loss or a step a back (maybe a little of a step back).  Instead, I’m CHOOSING to see it as: letting go of past opportunities in order to receive new and greater possibilities!  And I CAN and WILL wait for that perfect space to come to me!


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Featured On :: Darling Magazine


It’s been a while since I posted anything in this little corner of my site and today I had a just the nudge I needed to put my hands to the keyboard!  My Parallel Fold Stacking rings were featured on Darling Magazines blog post; “Products We Love Vol. 7”!  And here is what they had to say about them:

Why we love it:  Summer is synonymous with minimal, which is why we love these dainty rings that can be worn independently or as a trio. Made from 100% recycled Sterling Silver, each ring is adorned with a subtle 1/8 inch silver fold and sets have variations of vertical and horizontal folds. Even if you can’t feel cool this summer, you can certainly look it.” – Darling Magazine

I truly feel that most contemporary jewelry can be worn with just about any genera of fashion.  And I love when my minimal unisex pieces are paired with feminine dainty wears.  I may have a particular idea of how my work is worn but it does not mean you have to wear it that way.  So “thank you” to the gals over at Darling for giving my modern metal a place in their darling world!

You can pick up a set of my Parallel Stacker for yourself right here and read the full list of Darlings “Product We Love” here!

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GIVE-AWAY | Parallel Fold Studs

Hey! So I teamed up with Dutch fashion blogger Esmee Rudolf of Lux Blogto give you and your BFF a chance to win a pair of my bestselling Parallel Fold Studs! Yaaaay!

We’re giving away a pair in sterling silver pair and a bronze pair! When I tell you “these are part of my everyday essentials”, I mean it!  They go with everything! Whether your style is minimal, boho-chic, casual or dressy! You are going to love them!

The contest rules are simple! All you have to do is follow and @blessthetheory on Instagram and tag a friend! Couldn’t be more simple!

The winners will be announce on June 15th (via Lux Blog)

Good Luck y’all!

simply – char


Featured On :: The Carrot Box Blog


I just had an exciting and unexpectedly discovered of my Parallel Fold Stackers featured on the Carrot Box Blog!

The Carrot Box is created and curated by (Alice).  If you haven’t been over to her blog I encourage you to go check it out! She is a fantastic curator of art and contemporary jewelry!

“Bring a cup of coffee cause you’re gonna be there for a while! “

Most of her post are rings, as that is what the starting idea for her blog.  You’ll notice that she makes a point to post jewelry made from materials other than metal.  I found this interesting so I did a little research!  Turns out; Alice is highly sensitive to (all) metals.  But she does post the occasional metal ring here and there, which is great for people like me!  So yeah, you bet I’m feeling pretty special to have my Parallel Fold Stacking rings on her blog!

You can check out the post here! and pick up some rings here!

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