Custom 6 inch Copper Twig Spoons

About a week ago I received an email from a lovely woman, named Amie asking about my copper twig sugar spoons.  She was interested in a custom set of twig spoons but wanted them to be 2 1/2 times the size of the sugar spoons - 6 inches to be exact.

This was the largest set of twigs spoons that I've made yet and offered me a bit of challenge.  When I finished Amies spoons I loved how sturdy they felt in my hands and how beautiful they looked from all angles.  I particularly like the texture of the handle, that will always be my favorite part of the twig spoons.  With the black patina brushed back a bit to let some of the copper show though, you can really see all of the organic details of the twigs.

Not long after I shipped these twig spoons out to Amie, did I receive this lovely email.

Your beautiful spoons arrived today.   They are even more beautiful than the images.   Oh my!!   I love love love them and promise to cherish them always!
Thank you thank you thank you!


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March “Meet the Maker”: FAVORITE TO MAKE

Spoons are currently my favorite to make

Favorite To Make:

I love complicated pieces - objects that make me think…and possibly drink!  Spoons are currently "my favorite to make".   Making spoons requires strategic thought - not only about design but function - that can be challenging.  My jewelry also blesses me with challenges, often! There are a number of unfinished pieces on my bench begging to be figured out!

Pictured Top:  Sterling Silver Coffee Scoop,  2017

Pictured Bottom: Sterling Silver Tea Scoop, Sterling Silver and 14k Gold Tea Scoop, Sterling Silver Salt/Pepper Spoon Set, Sterling Silver Sugar Spoon, 2017