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A few weekends ago I accompanied a few other eager explorers to the Angeles National Forest for some camping and hiking.  Something I have not done in quite a while.  Our camp site was amazing – larger than what I am use to – you could easily fit 20 tents, and have room for play.  Our stay was only for 2 days and one night.  But I was able to wonder a bit on a 5 mile hike within the forest.  Allowing myself to be mesmerized by the variations of sound, texture and color of the ground, the trees, the boulders, the sky and animals.

I sometimes forget about my innate need to explore and get lost in nature.  We are all hardwired for exploration and creation and we must disconnect in order to reconnect to this beautiful world.  It is beneficial for the soul and the further evolution of our kind.   Mother natures’ gifts are vast and infinite in wonder.  And I believe it is safe to say, that it is our duty to get lost in her wonder – exploring her depths and planes.

I grabbed a couple of shots of textures and colors that I fell in love with.   And I am glad I allowed myself to stop and collect a few objects/photos.   This is something I want to continue through my explorations – collecting study cases.

This was a much needed trip.  It was a kind reminder for me to get out – often – and get lost.






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