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I’m currently researching “Mending” and the beauty of repair.  Coming from a flawed and unconventional up-brining, I find that my subconscious to be drawn to reconstruction and the various forms of repair.  I am finding there is much beauty within and around the process.  When observing the process we find stories wedged in the before, during and after.  I see the beauty of repair as a narrator –  a visual storyteller.  And it is the viewers gift to unearth those stories.

Here are a few beautiful examples of storytelling through repair.

Changing perception through repair.

Artist: (unable to find resources)

Beauty of Repair stitched photo of young man



Bringing different stories together with mending.  The artist has constructed (re-imagined) a family portrait of mother, daughter and son.

Artist: Annegret Soltau


Beauty of Repair stitched family portrait.



Highlighting damage is the beauty of repair.  Cleverly bringing attention and admiration to something that would ordinarily be overlook or expected to exist.

Artist: Jan Vormann,

Beauty of Repair lego filled cracks on brick wall


Adding value where there is seemingly none.

Artist: Catherine Bertola

Beauty of Repair gold filed cracks



Repair is a reminder of our own impermanence.

Artist:  Anya Kristin Beeler

Beauty of Repair on the Human Body


Mend v

[object]:  to make (something broken, worn, torn, or otherwise damaged)whole, sound, or usable by repairing.  to remove or correct defects or errors in.  to set right; make better; improve.

[without object]: to progress toward recovery, as a sick person.  (of broken bones) to grow back together; knit.  to improve, as conditions or affairs

Mend n

the act of mending; repair or improvement.  a mended place.


*All images found on Pinterest

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