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The Gravel Series is inspired by life and it's hidden treasures.  I think life really is about lessons.  And those lessons teach us how to heal, grown and love.   Not all of our growth is going to be easy, or smooth like a river rock.   And thats OK.  Sometimes life is rough and jagged and in many pieces, like gravel.

Gravel can be beautiful and when I think about it,  I imagine digging my hands in and letting my fingers search for treasures.  Much like what we do in life.


The design process of making (anything ) does not always begin with a sketch.  I find that most of my designs are inspired from everyday life and simple daily activities; that if not paying attention, I'd surly miss.

Movement and subtle texture help guide this, ongoing, series.   The sterling silver discs are hand formed with bends and creases to speak to the somewhat faceted appearance of gravel.   A scratched texture and burnished edges are used as sublet accents.  And a dark patina, for a dramatic contrast.

I am enthused to grow this series.   Stretching it to a collection that not only our healing and growth but also one that speaks to the beautiful lessons and opportunities we find as we sift trough the gravel.

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