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I’ve always known that I wanted to make our wedding rings, should my boyfriend and I, ever to get married.  On Jan 2, 2016,  at the Grand Canyon National Park, my then boyfriend, now finance, proposed to me.  Throughout our 5 years of dating, we have talked often about what our rings would look like, always leaning more to the design of simplicity.  Practical.

As much as I seek out simple aesthetics, I am often attracted to objects, and people, that are rich in detail; seen or unseen.  Knowing this, I now understand that there is a definite need to include, carefully, a sentimental detail in our bands of union.  A detail that speaks to our connection, and sometimes disconnection, our troubles and our joys.  ‘A daunting task’ I would usually say.  But somehow, this obligation warms me.


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