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I created these one-of-a-kind twig sugar + salt spoons late last year as a fun doodle to get my creative juices flowing.  I tend to collect things on my morning walks with my dog and I store my findings in various boxes in my studio.  At the time I was playing around with spoons - making some in leaf forms and others were sculptural and minimal.  I decided to cast the twigs in copper with the intention turning them into spoon handles...eventually.  I say eventually because those copper twigs sat on my bench, untouched, for a quite a while.  But, I finally got around to turning them into the spoons they longed to be.  And when I was done, I noticed that they formed into something more beautiful than I had originally imagined.    

I wish I would have taken a photo of the raw castings of the twigs, before I filed and sanded and shaped and soldered them.  But none-the-less, they came out so lovely.  Although they do step in a different direction from my current eastetic, these one-of-a-kind spoons are, to me, some of the most interesting objects I've made on a whim.  

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