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Is it possible to be a successful artist never having had a mentor?  Of course the answer is “yes”.  But, does having a mentor make you better?  I question this often. Wondering “would I be a “better artist” or “metalsmith” if I had a mentor?  Deep down I feel that I would be a better metalsmith having had someone to guide me and push my boundaries. Question my thinking and my process.  To me, a mentor is a form of extended education and should be a prerequisite as an undergrad.  I suppose one could say: “what about internships?”.  And yes, internships are form of extended education.  And could very well lead you to new opportunities or even a mentor.  But I believe they are different both approach and objective.  The objective of an internship is to learn the way of the business or working. Learning the industry and how to go-it on your own.  Honing in on certain skills.   With a mentor, you are learning about learning . You are being exposed to questions you never thought to ask.

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